01. be a part.


SYMPOSIUM - a sustainable event from light professionals for the professional and general public

Are you a municipal decision-maker & official; architect & builder; electrical planner, installer & private user; lighting designer, planner & luminaire manufacturer?
Get a ticket and join us on the way FROM THE BUBBLE TO THE HUB.

BECAUSE – environmentally compatible and sustainable lighting needs publicity.


15€ for private visitors

95€ Professionals (Certificate of Attendance / Continuing Education Certificate AK Berlin, LiTG)

02. when and where

WHEN: 08 November 2023WHERE: Berlin, Archenhold Observatory

There will be

  • exciting round table discussions and
  • Best Practice from internationally renowned experts & partners in planning, application, legislation, manufacturing, commissioning and science
  • Gallery presentations with exemplary approaches to the topic.

A platform for interdisciplinary dialogue in the extraordinary ambience of the Archenhold-Observatorywith regional catering.

03. Schedule


  • 08:45 Entry
  • 09:15 Introduction of the experts and speakers
  • 09:45 3x10+5 minutes Impulses & Positions Environmental & Nature Protection & Law
  • 10:30 coffee break
  • 10:45 3x10+5 minutes Impulses & Positions from Architecture & Lighting Design
  • 11:30 coffee break
  • 11:45 3x10+5 minutes impulses & positions from luminaire production
  • 12:30 Lunch, Gallery-exhibitions & guided tours
  • 13:30 discussion part one
  • 14:15 coffee break
  • 14:30 discussion part two with questions from the audience
  • 15:15 Gallery exhibitions & time for exchange
  • 16:15 summary
  • 16:45 Gallery exhibitions & time for exchange
  • 18:00 End of the event

04. panel discussion


The topics

  • How can we connect the protection of the environment, biodiversity and natural darkness of the night the best possible with lighting - functional and aesthetic?
  • How can we create more circularity & C2C in the lighting industry?
  • Which approaches can lead us to more sustainability in luminaire manufacturing
  • and much more.

05. @ the table


  • Marita Böttcher, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation - Expert for cross-natural area reconnection and artificial lighting.: light and its downside for biodiversity or about the need to better align human-societal concerns with those of the environment.
  • Benedikt Huggins – University Heidelberg Legal trainee and co-author of the guide to redesigning and retrofitting outdoor lighting (BfN Skript 543) and, together with Sabine Schlacke, of "Protecting species from glass and light". >>> on the legal framework for outdoor lighting.
  • Dr. Sibylle Schroer – Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology - Expert on the effects of light at the wrong time especially on aquatic habitats, fauna, flora & insects.: Presentation of the current research results of the AUBE project of the IGB in cooperation with the company Selux: Insect-friendly cycle path lighting.
  • Till Armbrüster, Licht Kunst Licht: Aspects of sustainability and environmental compatibility in development & planning practice of the internationally operating light planning office LKL.
  • Sabine De Schutter, Studio De Schutter, award-winning lighting designer and pioneer in thecircular lighting design - the CRCL-Hous
  • Paula Longato Buro Happold, Global Player in terms of the realization of sustainable buildings. An expertise in prudent daylight and artificial lighting design >>> C2C and TM65 / 66 application in light - what does it mean and how do others deal with it. A view across the canal.
  • Joachim Becker Startup-Gründer und erfahren in der Leuchten-Herstellung nach dem Shared economy principle with renewable raw materials and recycled materials.
  • Laura Haeder & Sabrina Bräus,Signify >>> Making 3D-printing in luminaire manufacturing fit for the future with printed small batches and the goal of producing them as sustainably as possible.


and poster exhibitions on the topic. In the foyer, we will present exemplary approaches, research projects, citizen science and more. Sustainable, with materials from the companies’ own stock.

Among Others: the AUBE-Projekt des IGB & Selux, counting luminaires with Nachtlichter-APP, Helle Not, Visit Dark Skies, Lichtsteuerung & smart Home, LichtWart, Beolum & VegaT, Anolis, Stoane Lighting, Orluna, Georg Bechter, Lateranix, Fagerhult Group: LTS, WE-EF, Signify, Hess, Selux, E:Cue & Weitere

07. target group


The event is aimed at...

Representatives from metropoles to small towns and rural areas

  • Politicians and legislators in shaping the basis for planning
  • Administration, public authorities. public and private clients in their financing and decision-making sovereignty
  • Designers, planners, constructors, manufacturers, operators, installers and private all-rounders in implementation
    >>> with public participation

The symposium is intended as an impulse training in German language, for architects, European Lighting Experts and administrative staff.

COST: probably between 10-20 € (private visitors) and approx. 95€ (advanced training participation via Chamber of Architects, LiTG)

08. advanced training



By the end of the event you may have gained insight into
  • what light pollution is and what we can do about it
  • what legal options cities and municipalities have to avoid over-lighting
  • what effects artificial lighting at the wrong time has on fauna, flora and healthcare and well beeing, as well as on science
  • what the consequential costs are what the legal framework for outdoor lighting is
  • what recommendations the IDA / DarkSky / ROLAN makes for outdoor lighting
  • how Citizen Science can help dokumenting light pollution
  • what research is needed in this area
  • which distinctions the regulations could make more decisively
  • what C2C / circular economy means in construction and especially in lighting
  • what the state of the art and the different approaches to this are
  • what opportunities the shared economy offers in the lighting industry
  • what other models are conceivable here
  • how different players deal with the topic
  • Which manufacturers already offer certified products
  • how certification is achieved and what it means
  • what constitutes good lighting at the workplace
  • what Human Centric Lighting can mean
  • how parasitic light can be represented in lighting calculations
  • which options for more sustainability Smart Home systems offer

You will have experienced

  • how colleagues with deep roots in the subject of „building in harmony“ deal with the issues involved
  • how internationally renowned lighting design companies integrate the issue of sustainability into their work
  • how circular building and lighting goes
  • how to design environmentally friendly and insect-friendly outdoor lighting
  • what kind of light luminaires made from sustainable raw materials in circular design are emitting

You will know

  • what to do with the topic yourself and
  • who to approach to explore the topic in more depth

You will have made many valuable contacts and found partners.

10. we. Make. It. Together.


Many large and small pears make a nice necklace

With your support we succeed an exciting and content independent event.


Any type of donation and service is welcome

11. Contact



OptecBB e.V. – Competence Network
of opt. Technologies
Rudower Chaussee 25, Haus 1
12489 Berlin-Adlershof
Tel. +49 30 6392 1720
Fax +49 30 6392-1729
info [at] optecbb.de

Cooperation partner
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Gather Around Light –
Honorary Light Enthusiasts
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i. V. Caroline Vilbrandt

Gather around Light

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German Society for Lighting Technology r.a.
Danneckerstr. 16 I 10245 Berlin
Kotakt: caroline.vilbrandt [at] litg.de I www.litg.de


enwironmentally compatible event


We are committed to making the event
as resource efficient as possible.

We ask our partners and visitors to arrive by public transport and to stay as sustainable as possible. Informations Travels and accomodation Moreover that
  • there are no give aways
  • No pure pr printing materials
  • Instead, we are looking into the possibility of to write on boards with chalk
  • To work with the original materials of the cooperation partners.
  • Instead of using moderation materials such as question cards, we use mentimeters,
  • Paper for name badges etc. from the remaining stocks of printing companies
  • We ask our visitors to bring a badge and lanyard from their private collection.
  • We offer a catering as regionally designed as possible, where we
  • refrain from using disposable tableware and disposable bottles
  • We try to record our digital footprint and include compensation in our cost planning.
We are expressly pleased about the cooperation with the Stiftung Planetarium and thus the possibility to hold the event in the sustainable venue Archenhold Observatory.



… let’s take a look at the big picture and shape the future together! Citizens and Lighting Professionals

How deep Is the ocean - how high is the moon?

intact surroundings
… the basis of our culture and for some cause for a deep feeling of happiness

Where we start from

According to a recent study, light pollution is currently increasing by 10% per year worldwide. At the same time, cities, oceans , landscapes and sink in waste and valuable resources are wasted. By mining primary raw materials, we destroy ecosystems and the livelihoods of peoples.

How deep Is the ocean - how high is the moon???!

Aspects of our reality today.

Reason enough to rethink, to build differently, to plan differently, to produce differently, to illuminate differently.


We Can Do Different. Let’s get going

In the “Environmentally Lighting Symposium”, we look at the topic from different angles.
Join us in a dynamic discussion to find out, where we stand, whatalternative approaches already exist with regard to the avoidance of light pollution and in favor of recyclable illumination. We will show you in which direction we can go together for a paradigm shift in the interaction of nature and industrial culture.

Let’s share our experience. Let’s take the consequences into account. So that we get even better at what we do.

Archenhold-Sternwarte, Alt-Treptow, 12435 Berlin

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