We, gatheraround light ...

… have come together at the beginning of 2016 as an initiative from the Berlin Lichtstammtisch. We take ourselves literally, because behind every word of our name there are valuable contents and intentions for us:


We see ourselves as a community, a network that meets and exchanges ideas.


We look all around and thus our view is wide – therefore we dedicate ourselves to diversity of topics and perspectives. In this way, we build bridges to neighboring areas, have an enriching effect and generate synergies.


Light is the focus of interest for us. With our activities we want to have an effect and an impact.

In addition, friendly, respectful and attentive interaction with others and with each other is important to us. We want to contribute something to the exchange and joy in our industry.

To achieve these goals, we developed a newsletter as a first step. With this we inform about interesting facts, news, job offers and invitations. We also organize the so-called Light Regulars’ Table, which enables an open exchange with changing contents every month. Among them lectures, readings, discussions, guided tours, exhibitions, tours.

For those who want to take an active part in shaping the community, there are irregular organizational meetings in which anyone can participate. And for those who want to organize beyond that the personal contact to each other strengthen, a common weekend with exciting activities is initiated in larger distances.

Our community’s well-established offer also includes the so-called trade fair follow-up in which we exchange information about what we have seen after the important trade fairs in our industry and thus benefit from each other.

The most important thing, however, is that we always manage to realize a larger event together.

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