Lightscape -A light-halo portal opening the way to new perspectives.

The City is defined by its ways, its options, its moments, and how they transport us from one place to a next one. With each step we define a direction, we take a decision, and we shape the path we have chosen.
Through Lightscape the possibilities and dimensions of these paths are re-invented, creating a new perspective, a new way of transportation.
A Portal encouraging to pass through a light-halo, materialized in a cloud of mist. A simple step that unties our senses, awakes our imaginations and triggers awareness of other realities. A step that exists, but only for an ephemeral moment.

Juan Carlos Mirson and Konstantin Klaas, two Architectural Lighting Designers brought together by their unique perspective and personal interest of challenging the limits of spatial perception through lighting design.
Working together since 2017, they create installations and products living in the intersection between the scientific definition of light and its cognitive human perception.

Their projects are centered in conceptual ideas which, by combining a deep technical knowledge with the understanding of light and its behavior, get materialized in clean and basic geometrical shapes that aim to defy the understanding of ones surroundings.